The Crying Cowboy



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The Crying Cowboy

The Adventures of Nick & Carter #2

Sunday, January 25, 1970

Nick and Carter are home, at last, from nearly three years of roaming the world and are glad to be back in the City by the Bay.

It just so happens that their return coincides with the filming of Monumental's newest TV show at the Folsom Street studio.

Lola Dunbar, hot off Monumental's most successful series to date, is getting her own spin-off!

Everyone is excited about the second black actress to lead a cast on network TV, following Diahann Carroll's big hit on NBC as Julia.

Well... truth be told... not everyone is excited.

Lola's leading man is turning out to be a real handful, for one thing...

Potential sponsors are concerned about how the show will be received in the South...

And the network hasn't given the show a timeslot yet...

Nick, who really hates TV, is unexpectedly thrown into the role of managing a production that is threatening to spin out of control.

And that's just where things start in Nick and Carter's next adventure: The Crying Cowboy.

Word Count:62K
Ebook Publication Date:December 9, 2019

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About The Series: The Adventures of Nick & Carter

Nick Williams is out of the private detective business. He still owns a building full of private dicks, but he's had enough of dead bodies and the like.

So, while Carter Jones, his tall, muscled ex-firefighter of a husband, continues to publish books, Nick is out and about, looking for new and fun ways to get in trouble!

Of course, just because he may (or may not) have surrendered his license doesn't mean the dead bodies don't find him, from time to time...