The Sordid Socialite

The Adventures of Nick & Carter #4

Monday, January 11, 1971

It's 1971 and Nick is even more of a celebrity these days than ever.

He's now famous and no longer infamous. 1953 is a long, long time ago, after all.

Because of his increasing celebrity, he and Carter are getting invited to a lot of parties thrown by people who, not that long ago, wouldn't have given either man the time of day.

While at one of these parties at a famous old Victorian house, Nick makes an unexpected discovery involving a spinning wheel and a girl who looks vaguely familiar to him.

One thing leads to another and Nick finds himself back at the old Victorian, trying to find that vaguely familiar girl because he's discovered who she really is.

And that was an unexpected surprise, to say the least.

Hopefully, he and Carter will be able to find her before someone gets killed.

But will they?

Read The Sordid Socialite and find out!

* * *

This is the first book in a trilogy followed by The Useful Uncle and ending with The Seductive Sellout.

It's 1971, the world is changing fast, and the upper crust of San Francisco (not to mention New York and elsewhere) still isn't quite sure what to make of things. So, they're pushing their way into the world of the radicals and, as a result, are inventing the radical chic. This three-book story is about what that might have looked like in the Nick & Carter Universe. Our two heroes, after all, were radical long before it was chic!


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About The Series: The Adventures of Nick & Carter

Nick Williams is out of the private detective business. He still owns a building full of private dicks, but he's had enough of dead bodies and the like.

So, while Carter Jones, his tall, muscled ex-firefighter of a husband, continues to publish books, Nick is out and about, looking for new and fun ways to get in trouble!

Of course, just because he may (or may not) have surrendered his license doesn't mean the dead bodies don't find him, from time to time...