You Little Trustmaker

Whit & Eddie Short Stories #2

Whit and Eddie have known each other for something like 8 months and, out of left field, find themselves in the third day of a brand-new life as incidental billionaires!

That means a lot of new pressure and lots of things to be managed and handled and dealt with as best they can.

First on the agenda: meet with their fellow football team owners. Whit is a retired player so that should be easy enough, right? Wrong!

After the meeting is finally over, a mistaken assumption leads to feelings of betrayal and all that jazz.

Will their new-found relationship survive the pressure of their new-found wealth?

With some ghostly help, it just might...

* * *

This is a novella featuring themes of hurt and love along with elements out of time and runs to about 29K words.

Previous book in series: #1 Let's Fall in Love

About The Series: Whit & Eddie Short Stories

Welcome to the world of Whit & Eddie!

What happens when a retired football player falls in love with a chubby bear guy and they do it way too fast?

These are the short stories that supplement the novels in The Romantical Adventures of Whit & Eddie.

If you want quick reads that are light and fluffy, you've found the spot!