Although Frank worships San Francisco, he lives at the beach on another coast. Born on a windy day in November of 1966, he was elected President of his high school Spanish Club in the spring of 1983. After moving across these United States like a rapid-fire pinball, he now makes his home in a hurricane-proof motel, built in 1947, with superior water pressure. While he hasn't met any dolphins personally, that invitation is always open.

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  • The Biker Who Got Bumped Off

    The Biker Who Got Bumped Off

    It's a rainy morning on Friday, the 12th of March in 1948, only two days before the big race on the beach down by Ponce Park. Bike Week of 1948 is in full swing and it's bigger, busier, and louder tha...

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  • A Year of Holidays with Nick & Carter, Volume 2

    A Year of Holidays with Nick & Carter, Volume 2

    St. Patrick's Day, 1945 Saturday, March 17, 1945 Nick Williams is in the U.S. Navy and working as a hospital corpsman. He was recently transferred to the Navy's Base Hospital 13 at Milne Bay, New Guin...

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  • Bastille Day, 1957

    Bastille Day, 1957

    Sunday, July 14, 1957 It's Bastille Day in France and Nick and Carter are hosting a party at their house overlooking the Mediterranean just outside of Nice. They've flown in friends and family from Sa...

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  • Independence Day, 1976

    Independence Day, 1976

    Sunday, July 4, 1976 It's America's Bicentennial! And it's a day the whole country has been anticipating for a while. The original plan was for Nick and Carter to take some of the old gang out for a c...

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  • Gay Freedom Day, 1977

    Gay Freedom Day, 1977

    Sunday, June 26, 1977 It's a foggy Sunday morning and Nick and Carter are hosting a breakfast brunch at their house on Sacramento Street. It's the perfect way to start off a day that will include the ...

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