Although Frank worships San Francisco, he lives at the beach on another coast. Born on a windy day in November of 1966, he was elected President of his high school Spanish Club in the spring of 1983. After moving across these United States like a rapid-fire pinball, he now makes his home in a hurricane-proof apartment, built in 1926, with superior water pressure. While he hasn't met any dolphins personally, that invitation is always open.

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New Releases

  • Dancing in the Moonlight

    Dancing in the Moonlight

    Saturday, June 3, 2023 Whit and Eddie are at the Castro Theatre for the world premiere of Monumental's newest made-for-TV movie, The Case of the Unexpected Heiress! After enjoying the show and the aft...

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  • The Vicious Vintner

    The Vicious Vintner

    Sunday, August 6, 1972 It's a warm summer's day up in Sonoma and Nick and Carter are in the Cougar and on their way to lunch at a local winery. Merka Wines has been one of the big suppliers for Hopkin...

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  • You Little Trustmaker

    You Little Trustmaker

    Whit and Eddie have known each other for something like 8 months and, out of left field, find themselves in the third day of a brand-new life as incidental billionaires! That means a lot of new press...

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  • Rock The Boat

    Rock The Boat

    Wednesday, November 9, 2022 After a big win for the Matadors in Jacksonville, Whit and Eddie are spending a few days in Daytona Beach before heading back to San Antonio. They're in town to check on th...

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  • A Year of Holidays with Nick & Carter, The Complete Collection in Date Order

    A Year of Holidays with Nick & Carter, The Complete Collection in Date Order

    Welcome to the complete collection of A Year of Holidays with Nick & Carter! This is the complete collection of short stories, all of which are centered around specific holidays. Each story is a v...

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