Although Frank worships San Francisco, he lives at the beach on another coast. Born on a windy day in November of 1966, he was elected President of his high school Spanish Club in the spring of 1983. After moving across these United States like a rapid-fire pinball, he now makes his home in a hurricane-proof apartment, built in 1926, with superior water pressure. While he hasn't met any dolphins personally, that invitation is always open.

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  • Columbus Day, 1939

    Columbus Day, 1939

    Thursday, October 12, 1939 It's Columbus Day and it seems like everyone is heading to the Golden Gate International Exposition on Treasure Island in San Francisco Bay! There are only a few days left b...

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  • This Thing Called Love

    This Thing Called Love

    Howdy! I'm Eddie Smith and this is the story of my seventh romantical adventure with my husband, Whit Hall. Well, we just bought another house. Yes! Again! This one is north of downtown San Antonio an...

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  • Labor Day, 1960

    Labor Day, 1960

    Monday, September 5, 1960 It's Labor Day morning and Nick and Carter are flying into Detroit for a one-night stay at the Sheraton-Cadillac Hotel downtown. Senator John F. Kennedy is in town to kick of...

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  • The Summer of 1953

    The Summer of 1953

    This is the first of eight box sets covering the complete Nick Williams Mystery series of novels! The four complete books in this set include: The Unexpected Heiress May 11, 1953 Nick Williams, a priv...

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  • The Biker Who Got Bumped Off

    The Biker Who Got Bumped Off

    It's a rainy morning on Friday, the 12th of March in 1948, only two days before the big race on the beach down by Ponce Park. Bike Week of 1948 is in full swing and it's bigger, busier, and louder tha...

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