Although Frank worships San Francisco, he lives at the beach on another coast. Born on a windy day in November of 1966, he was elected President of his high school Spanish Club in the spring of 1983. After moving across these United States like a rapid-fire pinball, he now makes his home in a hurricane-proof motel, built in 1947, with superior water pressure. While he hasn't met any dolphins personally, that invitation is always open.

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  • Decoration Day, 1933

    Decoration Day, 1933

    Tuesday, May 30, 1933 It's Decoration Day and Nick has decided to skip school because he doesn't want to take his history test. With a fistful of money, he tries to convince his sister, Janet, to head...

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  • Mother's Day, 1978

    Mother's Day, 1978

    Sunday, May 12, 1978 It's 3 in the morning and Carter is dancing the night away at the Trocadero Transfer. Nick, being his dutiful husband, is along for the ride. Truth be told, Nick never wanted to ...

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  • Cinco de Mayo, 1963

    Cinco de Mayo, 1963

    Sunday, May 5, 1963 It's a chilly Sunday morning and Nick and Carter have been invited by their cook, Doris, to join her family down in Mountain View for a big party celebrating a holiday they've neve...

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  • Easter, 1929

    Easter, 1929

    Sunday, March 31, 1929 Mrs. Wilson Jones (Louise) of Albany, Georgia, wakes up on yet another Sunday morning to discover her husband didn't come home after carousing down at Louray's by the river. Bu...

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  • It's Delovely

    It's Delovely

    Howdy! I'm Eddie Smith and this is the story of my sixth (sixth!) romantical adventure with my husband, Whit Hall. We just celebrated our first anniversary a couple of weeks ago by spending some quali...

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