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  • The Cuban Who Paid Dearly

    The Cuban Who Paid Dearly

    It's Thursday morning, the 2nd of October in 1947, and Ronnie Grisham and his pal, Tom Jarrell, are now married... To women, of course... And, for appearance's sake and to get a much-needed break from...

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  • The Shifting Scion

    The Shifting Scion

    Thursday, October 18, 1962 Nick is in trouble. He's obstructing justice and might possibly be an accessory to murder, after the fact. The cops are on to him and his lawyer is very concerned. How did t...

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  • The Lawyer Who Leapt

    The Lawyer Who Leapt

    It's Wednesday morning, September 24th to be precise, and Tom Jarrell is in love. He's walking through the tree-covered streets of Daytona Beach, on his way to work, and thinking about the wonderful n...

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  • The Derelict Dad

    The Derelict Dad

    Monday, October 15, 1962 It's way too early on a Monday morning, but Nick and Carter are making their way across the country to a clandestine meeting in Miami with Bobby Kennedy at the Attorney Genera...

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  • The Sailor Who Washed Ashore

    The Sailor Who Washed Ashore

    It's June of 1947 and the Spanish moss is twirling in the sea breeze beneath the limbs of a massive live oak somewhere in Daytona Beach, the World's Most Famous... And Tom Jarrell is having a hard tim...

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