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  • The Crying Cowboy

    The Crying Cowboy

    Sunday, January 25, 1970 Nick and Carter are home, at last, from nearly three years of roaming the world and are glad to be back in the City by the Bay. It just so happens that their return coincides ...

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  • The Crooked Colonel

    The Crooked Colonel

    Thursday, January 1, 1970 After a night of revelry at their newest hotel, the Hopkins Excelsior, in Viña del Mar, Chile, Nick and Carter head up the coast for some surfing along with their neph...

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  • In the Still of the Night

    In the Still of the Night

    Howdy! I'm Eddie Smith and this is the story of my fourth romantical adventure with my new husband, Whit Hall. We just moved. Again... I know... We bought a house that's in the middle of Daytona Beach...

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  • The Loveless Lawyer

    The Loveless Lawyer

    Monday, January 9, 1967 The new year has arrived and it's cold. Nick and Carter feel it more than most since they're just off the plane after three weeks in Brazil. Meanwhile, Jeffery Klein, Esquire, ...

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  • The Biker Who Got Bumped Off

    The Biker Who Got Bumped Off

    Coming Soon!...

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