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  • Situation


    Monday, February 14, 2022 Whit and Eddie are just getting back into Daytona Beach after attending the Super Bowl in Los Angeles. Even though the Matadors turned their season around and got closer than...

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  • Let's Fall in Love

    Let's Fall in Love

    It's Valentine's Day and Whit and Eddie have been so busy getting to know each other that they both completely forgot! Just in the nick of time, they're invited to a small party. Both the living and t...

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  • The Useful Uncle

    The Useful Uncle

    Coming soon!...

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  • The Sordid Socialite

    The Sordid Socialite

    Monday, January 11, 1971 It's 1971 and Nick is even more of a celebrity these days than ever. He's now famous and no longer infamous. 1953 is a long, long time ago, after all. Because of his increasin...

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  • The End of the Beginning

    The End of the Beginning

    This is the final of the eight box sets covering the complete Nick Williams Mystery series of novels! The four complete books in this set include: The Redemptive Rifleman Wednesday, November 24, 1965 ...

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