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  • Mardi Gras, 1975

    Mardi Gras, 1975

    Tuesday, February 11, 1975 Nick and Carter are in New Orleans, the Big Easy, for their first trip to Mardi Gras! When Nick first opens his eyes that morning, he realizes he has a big hangover and no m...

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  • Washington's Birthday, 1948

    Washington's Birthday, 1948

    Monday, February 23, 1948 It's a holiday. The birthday of the father of our country. Well, truth be told, it's the day after and the schools and some of the stores are closed in observance. Meanwhile,...

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  • Valentine's Day, 1951

    Valentine's Day, 1951

    Tuesday, February 13, 1951 What does the man who can buy anything get the man who doesn't want anything? That's the mystery Nick Williams is trying to solve. He's a small-time private dick in San Fran...

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  • Bells Are Ringing: A Wedding Novella

    Bells Are Ringing: A Wedding Novella

    You're invited to the wedding of 1954! Dr. Parnell Robert Williams, M.D., invites you to attend the ceremony at Grace Cathedral on Nob Hill at 2 p.m. on Saturday, the 17th of April. There he will wed ...

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  • Martin Luther King, Jr., Day, 1986

    Martin Luther King, Jr., Day, 1986

    Monday, January 20, 1986 It's the first holiday celebrating the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and San Francisco is having a parade! Nick and Carter are marching with Mrs. Geneva Watkin...

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