The Bride Wore White: A Wedding Novel

A Nick & Carter Story #3

Thursday, July 22, 1954

Marnie Wilson, age 34, has finally been asked for her hand in marriage by a man she truly and deeply loves: the tall, handsome, and dashing Alex LeBeau.

They've been seeing each other for a while and, last night, he got down on bended knee and asked the question.

Marnie squealed a little and then happily exclaimed, "Yes!"

Now, over lunch, she's telling her mother, Mrs. Leticia Williams, all about it.

Upon hearing what should be wonderful news, Marnie's mother (a recent bride herself) is suddenly not hungry and doesn't finish her luncheon meal of scallops and creamed spinach, even though it's her favorite.

What, exactly, could be the matter?

Little does Marnie know that the announcement of her upcoming nuptials might very well coincide with the uncovering of a scandal, long buried and mostly forgotten.

When news gets out about this hidden truth, their nemesis, George Hearst of the San Francisco Examiner, will likely be dining out on the revelations until he's dead and buried!

Will wedding bells ring?

Will Marnie keep her promise to her beloved?

And what about the honeymoon?

All this, and more, are waiting to be discovered within the pages of The Bride Wore White: A Wedding Novel!

On Kindle Unlimited:No
Ebook Publication Date:July 24, 2021
Word Count:46K

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