Let's Misbehave

The Romantical Adventures of Whit & Eddie #5

Howdy! I'm Eddie Smith and this is the story of my fifth (OMG!) romantical adventure with my newish husband, Whit Hall.

It's Thanksgiving, the day before my birthday (a young 53, thank you very much) and Whit has something up his sleeve.

Turns out, he's decided to surprise me with a trip to La Serena, a quaint seaside town in Chile, where I used to live when I was an exchange student back in the old days of 1982 (two years before Whit was born, as a matter of fact).

I'm... well... I'm not quite as thrilled as he thinks I should be, but I tell him that I'm sure it will all turn out just fine.

What he doesn't know, because it hasn't ever come up, is that La Serena is still the home of my dreaded high school nemesis: Anabela Damjanić.

To say we have some history would be a massive understatement.

What Whit also doesn't know is that Anabela's twin brother, Ramiro, was my first serious crush.

I, um, have sorta stalked him on the socials and he's divorced and looking more handsome than he ever did with those dreamy periwinkle blue eyes and devilish grin.

Well, anyway, I gotta go. Whit's waiting for me.

We're on our way to a party being thrown in my honor and, well, I'm really worried about what might happen...

It's nice that everyone went to so much trouble and late spring by the Pacific on my birthday brings back fond memories, but...

What I really want to do is to go home to Daytona Beach and start looking for a Christmas tree and lights and ornaments and think happy thoughts over hot chocolate...

But I, uh, can't wait to find out what happens next... I think.

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Ebook Publication Date:December 29, 2019
Word Count:46K

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About The Series: The Romantical Adventures of Whit & Eddie

Howdy! I'm Eddie. Whit and I have fallen in love way too fast.

We're jumping into our new life together in ways that no one with a lick of sense should ever do.

Woo hoo! This is going to be fun!

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