Bastille Day, 1957

A Nick & Carter Holiday #15

Sunday, July 14, 1957

It's Bastille Day in France and Nick and Carter are hosting a party at their house overlooking the Mediterranean just outside of Nice.

They've flown in friends and family from San Francisco and Boston for the festivities and it's turning out to be a lovely evening.

Then, Carter gets pulled aside with the shocking news that a couple has crashed the party.

Who would pull such a high-handed and socially unacceptable stunt?

It turns out to be none other than the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.

What happens when the only man to have abdicated the throne meets the richest homosexual in the world?

Be sure to read Bastille Day, 1957 to find out!

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Ebook Publication Date:July 14, 2020
Word Count:10K

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About The Series: A Nick & Carter Holiday

Welcome to a year of holidays with Nick Williams and Carter Jones!

This is a series of short stories with each centered around a specific holiday.

From New Year's Day to Boxing Day, each story stands on its own and might occur in any year from the early 1920s to the first decade of the 21st Century.