The Perfidious Parolee

A Nick Williams Mystery #25

Tuesday, July 25, 1961

It's been 214 days since Nick and Carter promised their friends they would stay home. Los Angeles County still has a warrant out for them both, so they've been good boys and remained within the 49 square miles of the City by the Bay.


Nick, being Nick, gets carried away with Ben White's idea to build a back lot for Monumental Studios on a few hundred acres in Sonoma County and drives up to have a look around.

Unfortunately, they stumble across a decaying corpse.

Fortunately, the Sonoma County sheriff's deputy doesn't notice who Nick is and he safely makes it back across the Golden Gate Bridge where Mike and Carter have something to say about Nick's carelessness.

And that's just the beginning...

1961 is a fateful year for our boys and for the City they love.

As usual, San Francisco is ahead of the rest of the country and change is in the air.

A man who performs as a woman runs for political office, the district attorney announces to the world that he's not interested in prosecuting homosexuals for what they do in private, and the first salvo in the battle of the Jeanettes versus the Tonys is fired.

Confused? You won't be once you've read all about The Perfidious Parolee!

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Ebook Publication Date:September 18, 2018
Word Count:85K
Paperback Publication Date:October 8, 2018
Paperback Page Count:364

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About The Series: A Nick Williams Mystery

In 1953, the richest homosexual in San Francisco is a private investigator.

Nick Williams lives in a modest bungalow with his fireman husband, a sweet fellow from Georgia by the name of Carter Jones.

Nick's gem of a secretary, Marnie Wilson, is worried that Nick isn't working enough. She knits a lot.

Jeffrey Klein, Esquire, is Nick's friend and lawyer. He represents the guys and gals who get caught in police raids in the Tenderloin.

Lt. Mike Robertson is Nick's first love and best friend. He's a good guy who's one hell of a cop.

The Unexpected Heiress is where their stories begin. Read along and fall in love with the City where cable cars climb halfway to the stars.

Long before the Summer of Love, pride parades down Market Street, and the fight for marriage equality, San Francisco was all about the Red Scare, F.B.I. investigations, yellow journalism run amok, and the ladies who play mahjong over tea.